From sketch to a mobile game - “Puppy Madness”

From sketch to a mobile game - “Puppy Madness”
Have you've been playing video games with your friends for so long that you end up with creating one? Well, this project is one of those.

“Puppy Madness” was an enthusiastic, shoestring budget project, where none of the team members had experience in game development. One developer event didn’t have a programming experience at all. We squeezed a 2-year university level C++ course under two months.

Not to speak of every bad thing that can happen during game development. I guess we’ve experienced it all! That thing’s on Youtube about ”fail faster”, ”show your game to the other people”, ”start small” is true.

Anyhow after 1.5 years of development on August 8th, 2016 we’ve launched our first game on the iPhone App Store. And there is no financial success story here since everyone was focus on creating that game, not on how it will make money… No matter what the core team members are good friends.

See you when you see me,

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