From code line to a food social media app - "YumScout"

It's been said that nutrition is one of the strongest addictions in the world. Why not share this suffering within an app?
From code line to a food social media app -

Yumscout.io was my first 100% remote full-stack/time project developed with the help of Django Rest Framework and React.js technology. Even though it was only a 7-month experience, and we were three people (CEO, UI designer, and full-stack dev) on this startup journey, we’ve managed to build a social food discovery app with order fulfillment services.

Social food discovery on menu item level

Customers are placing rating and writing reviews for a particular menu item. You would be surprised how many restaurants have the best burgers in town although it doesn’t look like burgers are their specialty.

Food influencers loyalty programs

Let’s assume that you are a food influencer with 100k Instagram followers. With just one link your followers can place an order for the promoted menu item, and you’ll earn some benefits through the restaurant’s custom loyalty program.

Order fulfillment services, take-aways, and table orders

It wouldn’t be a decent restaurant app without order fulfillment, so the restaurant staff would know what to prepare and where the order should be delivered (table, take-away, or address). Customers can place an order and pay for it without interaction with the waiter.

Lessons learned:

  1. Planing towards a scalable app architecture pays off big time. At the beginning may look like overkill, and for the first two month’s there was no significant development progress, but the feature-first architecture paid off with the need for fast new feature delivery.
  2. Make sure you have a good accountant and tax advisors once you go 100% remote. You’ll have to take care of the legal side as well.