Game design, mechanics in games, apps, and real-life.

by Edge Limits

From sketch to mesh - "Observotank"

Feb 16
There is a saying: "Sometimes all you need is a single stroke to start sculpting your 3D mesh." Read more...

Warning: If you see this character, that's me (dude) playing!

May 20
Probably Final Fantasy XIV has the best character visual customization I've ever seen. Or maybe I never tried to customize a female character before.

From sketch to mobile app - “The Happiness Jar”

Jan 6
What can you get if you combine positive psychology with a private Instagram-like feed and put it in a jar? Read more...

The Four Player types (Bartle Types) - gamer psychology that works

Jan 25
The one thing all good or bad games have in common - a player (with personal preferences). Wouldn't it be neat to design a game that is custom tailor for a player's personality?  Read more...

Schedule of Reinforcement (Behavioral psychology)

May 10
Or in human words, how to keep players attached to the game and why some games are more addictive than others? Read more...

From sketch to Shopify App - "Shopins"

Jan 4
Passionate about data? No? Me neither. But we all know that proper data analysis and execution are crucial for a sustainable e-commerce business. Read more...

How Pac-Man was born?

Jan 14
The fact that Pac-Man's shape outlines pizza with a missing slice and was the inspiration for Iwatani is only half-true. Read more...

Do you know the True Purpose of Microsoft's Solitaire game?

May 3
I would bet that Solitaire caused more lost worker hours than Candy Crash. But this game wasn't developed for entertainment. Read more...

From sketch to a mobile game - “Puppy Madness”

Jan 4
Have you've been playing video games with your friends for so long that you end up with creating one? Well, this project is one of those. Read more...

From code line to a food social media app - "YumScout"

Dec 2
It's been said that nutrition is one of the strongest addictions in the world. Why not share this suffering within an app? Read more...

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Apr 28
When was the last time you've received a message in a bottle?

Engagement retention with multiple gameplay loops

Nov 30
Most of the time, a game with a single gameplay loop isn't enough to ensure that it has endless playability. Read more...

What's a gameplay loop?

Feb 25
A gameplay loop is an essential, fundamental part of every game. They are used to establish player behaviors and structure the narrative and the play session.  Read more...

The very first video game

Nov 27
"Tennis for Two" is the name of the very first interactive video game and it used an oscilloscope for a screen.  Read more...

"Code or get coded"

Feb 13
Moved to a new co-working space