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About the game

Next Space - embark on a space exploration journey with Next Space, where you can craft and upgrade your own ships to discover uncharted territories in the vast expanse of the universe.

State of Development

The game is in its early days of development! But you can play it now. The game is updated frequently, so if you like what see and play, and want to be a part of the community that channels the Next Space game in the right direction then sign up for an account and drop your ideas and concerns in the feedback section.


Game improvements and some other notable discoveries along the journey.
See it for yourself:


This is the current plan for feature development of Next Space. Like all good plans, it's subject to change.
  • #1
    Responsive UI

    So the scale appears correct in various resolutions (mobile, and super wide screens)

  • #2
    Camera Improvements

    Being able to pan the camera in free roam mode

  • #3
    Background Art

    Space pixel art, for a better overall feeling

  • #4
    Spaceship Movement

    Improved the way the spaceship responds to new trajectory points

  • #5
    UI Info panels

    Probably the first steps into spaceship equipment fitting

  • #6
    System init

    Coordinate system, objects, planets

  • #7
    System map init
  • #8
    Sound Manager

    Adding sound manager to the game managers board

  • #9
    Spaceship Art
  • #10
    Stations Art
  • #11
    Stations init
  • #12
    First gameplay loop
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Play on any device. No installation required.
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